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Yes, without hesitation, but I do not know the new products on the market. The price-to me at first influenced and we pay for now. Yes, I struggled at first with my old laptop a HP, I almost even resell the sound card, ultimately, we must invest a little time to take advantage of this card, but I think it is true for everything related to computers, the options are not always easy to choose, the quality of its results, when there’s a. Describes the manual trs well the procedure. But switching the unit off any time I wanted to switch was a huge hassle and I absolutely messed up my workflow many times. More items related to this product.

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Did you try many other models before getting this one? I did test them on various locations, medium PAs.

All user reviews for the Edirol UA-1000

A lot of design planning went into it — love the cool idonized metal front. The black point of this product in my opinion: Sonar What latency you get? I am looking to record drums as well so I need at least 8 inputs. I use it for 4 months and I have not had reinstalled once. No, but edirol ua 1000 OK for now, is this card is no longer sold as new. Plug-ins are applied in real time with no audible latency of the edirol ua 1000 sound of the guitar.

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Edirol UA USB 2 10×10 Audio Interface | Musician’s Friend

Sometimes a piece of gear comes along that stands the test of time because of it’s quality edirol ua 1000 and performance, and this unit is it. Robust and very practical.

Be careful however to PC USB controllers, as it is USB 2, do not plug into a controller or is already a usb1 peripherals as the controller of wdirol PC assigns the lowest c is to say in usb1. Yes, but as I bought this card in hand, he had to go fishing edirol ua 1000 msies updated.

In my opinion, sonars audio edirol ua 1000 is one of the best.

Subscribe to our free newsletter Subscribe. What software do you use most often? The presonus had everything to win, but the drivers are not developed for AMD, Edirol ua 1000 gave up Skip to main content.

Edifol I like least is the fact of not being able to simultaneously record analog and ADAT inputs 18 simultaneous tracks are they really useful for home recording? Yes, without hesitation, but I do not know the new products edirol ua 1000 the market.

Buy it, it’s a bomb! The interface is built to last a long time and is solid. Use of laptop Pentium IV 2.


Welcome to the Gearslutz Pro Ja Community! I do edirol ua 1000 intend to change the interface, it is perfect, trs direct monitoring is effective. The fact that on my laptop I do not have Firewire output – For what purpose? Latency is ngligeable about 5 ms. I must say I t attracted by the USB 2.

Edirol UA-1000 Analog Recording Interface

The UA delivers exceptional audio capabilities on 10 separate channels via a wide variety of connections, offering high quality microphone preamps using premium analog ddirol. No crack or ediorl One can add that in terms of design, it is a beautiful machine. With Sonar youll be able to utilize their 64bit edirol ua 1000 processing engine. I was looking for an external card minimum 8 tracks. This card is really great, I recorded with many edirol ua 1000 since, without ever having a problem.

Edirol UA/Interface questions – Gearslutz Pro Audio Community

For those we have lost. I have gotten nothing but high quality audio recordings and play back with this interface. No one, fortunately there are forums.