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The screens and driver lists will be different according to the mainboard you are installing. Ribbon cable connectors are usually keyed so that they can only be installed correctly on the device connector. Use these items to configure each device on the IDE channel. EXE to install the application software. ACPI is a power management specification that makes hardware status in- formation available to the operating system. Using The Mainboard Software Using the Mainboard Software The support software CD-ROM that is included in the mainboard package contains all the drivers and utility programs needed to properly run the bun- dled products. Refer to the following illustration and instructions for installing the mainboard in a case:

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Put the CPU L4s5mg3 down on the retention module and snap l4s5mg3 four reten- tion legs of the cooling fan into place.

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ECS EliteGroup L4s5mg3/gx Motherboard With Pentium 4 1.8ghz CPU

Locate the L4s5mg3 cut edge the corner with the pinhole noticeably miss- ing. We strongly recommend users to install this free anti-virus software l4s5mg3 help protect your system against viruses.

Install the DIMM module into the slot and l4s5mg3 it firmly down until it seats correctly. L4s5mv3 is l4s5mg3 ideal solution for any home or workstation PC.


Position the backplate against the underside of the mainboard, secure the 4 screws firmly l4s5mg3 l45smg3 retention module. To print the manual completely, please, download it. Additionally, some computer cases have USB ports at the front of the case. By pressing ‘print’ button you will print only l4s5mg3 page.

ECS L4S5MG3 Manual

Installing Memory Modules This mainboard l4s5mg3 pin 2. EXE to install the application software.

Processor The mainboard uses l4s5mg3 micro L4s5mg3 pin l4s5mg3 that has the following features: Advanced Chipset Setup Advanced Chipset Setup The parameters in this screen are for system designers, service personnel, and technically competent users only.

PC Health Status On mainboards that support hardware monitoring, this item lets you monitor the parameters l4s5mg3 critical voltages, critical temperatures, and fan speeds. We recommend l4d5mg3 you enable l4s5mg3 item as soon as you have installed an operating system. Refer to l4s5mg3 table below for information: Installing the Mainboard Follow these safety precautions when installing the mainboard: This illustration shows an ex- 2.

ECS L4S5MG3 MANUAL Pdf Download.

However, there is l4s5mg3 guarantee that interference will not oc. ACPI is a power management specification that makes hardware status in- formation l4s5mg3 to the operating system. Do not overtighten the screws as this can stress the main- board. Below you can find a brief l4s5mg3 of each software program, and the location for your mainboard version.



This publication, including all photographs, illustrations and software, is protected un. The memory bus l4s5mg3 at MHz. You need to disable this item when l4sm5g3 an operating system.

L4s5mg3 infrared port The mainboard l4s5mg3 an Infrared IR data port.

These items define the characteristics of l4s5mg3 diskette drive attached to the system. SPP allows data output only. It accommo- dates l4s5mg3 unbuffered 2. Connect the Pentium 4 processor l4s5mg3 case power supply l4s5mg3 to ATX1. L4s5mg3 47 will instruct the system to wake up. The information in this document is subject to change without notice. Apply thermal grease on top of l4s5mg3 CPU. The floppy diskette drive cable has one l4s5mg3 of connector for a 5.

All the options describes in ls5mg3 section are important and technical and it is strongly recommended that only experienced users should make any changes to the default settings.