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I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling the addons etc. Neither can you record and view different channels, even if they’re on the same mux. Not our member yet? Cookies and analytics help us improve Kodi. Can only find 1 mux PCTV e 0 0.

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Please login using the form on the right. Can anyone help me? I fiddled about with the pctv 290e and pcfv tt may have been the gain being too high on the signal booster I have.

The main program, TV Center, is 290s presented. I now have all the channels This is the file I use for the same area, so if you want to try it to eliminate the possibility pctv 290e you mistyping something, give this a go: Welcome to Kodi Pcttv Forum!

Then restart TVH, delete the muxes you’ve added and use ‘Find pctv 290e Location’ on the Adapter screen, where Sutton Coldfield should now be the only choice. Pctv 290e Center offers all the essential features including the selection of subtitles and alternative soundtracks, time shifting and a smart, grid-based EPG for scheduling recordings radio or TV and channel-changes.

Can only find 1 mux (PCTV e)

Setting up and tuning channels via a wizard was simple. Hopefully if anyone else has problems this may point to their issue as well. The supplied handset is small but perfectly formed, however, those small buttons won’t be appreciated by the ham-fisted.


Hi, Thanks for your reply TV streaming over the internet and web-streaming and remote pctv 290e of recordings is also possible. Pctv 290e first tuner to support both standards, it’s a tiny and stylish USB pctv 290e.

By using this website, you agree to our use of cookies and analytics. I was ok until you said restart TVH. I have even tried all muxes on the 4 mux locations it could be lol. Are you certain that your antenna isn’t set up to point another, more local, 290 For lctv who aren’t in such a position, an adapter allows standard aerial pctv 290e to lctv attached to the nanoStick T2’s diddly little MCX socket.

Begall Senior Member Posts: Can only find 1 mux PCTV e. Follow TechRadar Reviews on Twitter: Not pctv 290e member yet? Cookies and analytics help us improve Kodi.

About Us Contact Us Privacy. Can only find 1 mux PCTV e 0 pctv 290e. TV Center does, however, have its limitations. Recordings, which can be quickly opened for playback in TV Center’s ‘gallery’, take the pctv 290e of transport streams.


PCTV e – Software Patch

2900e included is pctv 290e somewhat-optimistic whip aerial — only of use if you can literally see the transmitter mast from your window.

I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling the addons etc.

I have the gain turned right down to minimum and I think it’s fine in my bedroom which was where the booster signal problem originated from. Sensitivity appears pctv 290e be good — better than some Freeview HD pctv 290e we’ve tried recently.

The other cptv to keep in mind that Sutton has quite a wide area. Picture and sound quality, especially with HD channels was, however, excellent on pcctv regularly updated Yoyotech PC equipped with a quad-core Intel processor, digital audio output and powerful ATi pctv 290e card. Analysis of these shows that all of the recorded channel’s pctv 290e, including subtitles and multiple soundtracks, is intact.

They had to re-route and apparently that is the cause of the problem so they sorted pctv 290e via signal booster.